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Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka is the biggest city in Sri Lanka and is the commercial and financial capital of the nation. Spotted on the west shoreline of the island, the city was initially a little seaport. Because of its vital area on the East-West; sea exchange courses were utilized by Chinese, Persians, Bedouin and Romans, since 2,000 years. Sri Lanka has dependably been a piece of the world’s history. It turned into the capital of Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka was ceded to the English kingdom in 1815 and saw the ruling of three rulers- Portuguese, Dutch and English.

Portuguese pioneers headed by Dom Lourenço de Almeida initially touched base in Sri Lanka in 1505. Amid their starting visit, they made an arrangement with the Lord of Kotte, Parakramabahu VIII, which empowered them to exchange the island’s yield of cinnamon, which lay along the seaside regions of the island, incorporating in Colombo Sri Lanka.

In 1638 the Dutch marked a bargain with Ruler Rajasinha II of Kandy which guaranteed the lord aid in his war against the Portuguese in return for an imposing business model of the island’s significant exchange merchandise.

Despite the fact that the English caught Colombo in 1796, it remained an English military station until the Kandyan Kingdom was ceded to them in 1815 and they made Colombo Sri Lanka the capital of their recently made crown province of English Ceylon.

This period of colonialism finished calmly in 1948 when Ceylon picked up independence from Britain. Due to the huge effect this created on the city’s occupants and on the nation all in all, the progressions that came about toward the end of the colonial period were uncommon. A whole new society flourished.

Colombo Sri Lanka Travel

Colombo Sri Lanka is the passage to Sri Lanka for most explorers however don’t be enticed to just pass through this assorted and intriguing city. Take a train ride along the coast to Mount Lavinia, a prevalent shoreline, or investigate the Talangama Wetland, which a few explorers say is the ideal spot to enjoy a let off from the crowded lanes of the city.

Colombo Travel also exciting where the major city is home to a dominant part of Sri Lanka’s corporate work places, restaurants and recreation venues. However, the position of going about as the capital was held after Sri Lanka picked up independence on the 04th of February 1948. Colombo Sri Lanka came to be viewed as the nation’s business center in 1978 when the administration office was moved to Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.

This little seaport with a common harbor was presented as “Colombo” by the Portuguese in 1505 and is accepted to be gotten from the traditional Sinhalese name Kolan thota, signifying “port on the stream Kelani”.

Colombo Sri Lanka is an occupied and dynamic city with a mixture of present day life and antiquated authentic colonial structures and destroys that offers a mixed variety of encounters. It has the sluggish appeal of the verifiable period consolidated with the enthusiasm of a present day city. Colombo Sri Lanka is the perfect area to begin the Sri Lankan stay. Changes in laws and traditions, apparel styles, religions and correct names were a huge aftereffect of the colonial era. These social changes were trailed by the reinforcing of the island’s economy

Colombo Sri Lanka – Places to visit

Colombo Fort



Colombo Sri Lanka city is an energizing place particularly where the Colombo Fort area is concerned. The Fortress was basically designed by the Portuguese and created by the Dutch in the wake of attacking the Portuguese administration. The Colombo Sri Lanka Harbor and the Colombo Fort have a long history. This was mostly utilized by Greeks, Egyptians and Bedouin dealers until 1506 for their transportation purposes. The Portuguese took control of the Colombo Sri Lanka Harbor and they constructed the Post as a guard component from intruders. The fort they constructed around the harbor was named Colombo Post.

The Dutch attacked Colombo Fort in 1658 and the city was created efficiently. The Beira Lake was likewise created and stretched out with a specific end goal to reinforce the Dutch guard method.

In 1796 the English took control of the Colombo Fort and attacked the whole nation by 1815. They further created Colombo city and made it the business center point of Ceylon and the Governor’s quarters was inherent the Fort itself which is the President’s home.
The English constructed the Parliament which is now known as the Presidential Secretariat confronting Galle Face Green spotted in the south of Colombo Sri Lanka city.

The Colombo port or prior known as “The Port of Kolonthota” is the busiest and biggest port in Sri Lanka which was inherent early fourteenth century amid the Kotte kingdom.

Because of its superb vital area in the Indian Sea, the port of Kolonthota was extremely celebrated among Chinese, Indian and Persian dealers in 1505. After numerous years of real change, right now the Colombo Port or Colombo Sri Lanka Harbor is one of the busiest ports and positions among the main 35 ports on the planet.

Colombo Light House

The old Colombo Sri Lanka Light House was at first established in 1860 as a clock tower and the light were included in 1865 and changed into a Light House. The first clock (made by the same producer as “Big Ben”) was supplanted in 1913.

This tower is found at the intersection of Janadhipathi Mawatha and Chatham Road in Colombo Sri Lanka Fort. Presently, the Light House is not operational, however works as a clock tower and is assigned as a landmark.

It is said that this barrel shaped block tower with light and display is the main Light House on the planet which likewise tells the time amidst the occupied street.

National Museum, Colombo Sri Lanka

The Colombo Sri Lanka national museum is an Italian structural engineering pioneer sort house which was established by the English legislative head of Ceylon around then, Sir William Henry Gregory. This fortune house is the Sri Lanka’s most prestigious, most established and biggest museum.

The museum is known to be the first open exhibition hall in Sri Lanka and has an immeasurable gathering of artifacts and numerous other Antiques’ from everywhere throughout the countryside. At the point when the national museum was initially opened to the general population in first January 1877, it had 800 things on showcase. Today that number has developed to in excess of 100,000.

The Museum likewise keeps up a library that has an immeasurable gathering of uncommon authentic books and narratives for history mates. It is effectively included in leading research in ancient time’s ethnology, human studies, society and the specialties. It likewise leads addresses and workshops occasionally.

Location: Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 7, Colombo Sri Lanka
Open daily aside from Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Independence Square, Colombo Sri Lanka

Independence Memorial Hall is found in the Independence Square at Colombo 7, Colombo Sri Lanka. This spot is known as Torrington Square in ahead of schedule days. This Hall was constructed for the celebration of the freedom from English in 1948. However the development of was begun after the Freedom.

This Hall is focused around the structural engineering of the audience hall placed in Kandy. The section and pillars are adorned with conventional Sri Lankan outlines and statues of lions are put around the building.

The greater part of the guests misses the gallery placed in the storm cellar of the Independence Memorial Hall. This is as of late redesigned and presentations numerous statues of the national saints, who help get the break from English government.

Millers Building, Colombo Sri Lanka

The Cargill’s millers building is one of the most seasoned divisions stores in Colombo Sri Lanka, secured in 1844 by William Miller and David Sime amid English colonial style.

This sublime provincial style building is found in Fortification and an incredible point of interest that no will ever should miss to see.

Colombo Sri Lanka Dutch House Museum

The colonial manor from the seventeenth century, in the past the residence of the Check Regal Van Ranzo has now been restored as a museum of the Dutch occupation. The Furniture, Displays and Ceramics provide for you a thought of the life of Colonialists.

Location: The Dutch Museum, Prince Road, Pettah.
Open daily with the exception of Fridays.

Dehiwala Zoo

Dehiwala Zoological Garden is one of the most established zoological gardens in Asia, established in 1936. The whole zoo covers a territory of 10.1 ha/ 0.10 km², with well arranged foliages and landscapes to give a more common environments to its animals.

It’s a home to a wide assortment of birds and animals that can be found around the globe. All the animals are spread out in various houses.

Viharamahadevi Park

Viharamahadevi Park or formally known as the Victoria park is the biggest, most seasoned and most brilliant park arranged in the heart of Colombo Sri Lanka (Cinnamon Arrangements), just inverse the colonial style Town building. The recreation center was manufactured amid the English tenet of Sri Lanka as Victoria Stop and stayed as Vihara Maha Devi Park, to pay tribute to a renowned chronicled Sinhalese monarch, mother of the legend of the country, Lord Dutugamunu.

This is the biggest & most alluring greenery in Colombo and best visited from March to May before the monsoon when the vast majority of the blooms are in full sprout.

It has decently arranged statue of Queen Victoria, large Statue of Queen Viharamahadevi and golden image of Buddha along with a variety of fountains, lotus ponds, flowers and trees. On the southeastern side of the recreation center has a zoo of child animals, an exceptional areas for kids with a small train, an amusement park and a small scale aquarium. You will likewise get to see the elephants from the sanctuary close Beira Lake who is regularly kept in the recreation center to brush.

The recreation center is an impeccable spot to unwind, for shady strolls, picnics and above all else an incredible spot to invest your time with your family.

Galle Face Green


It is the most exquisite walkway and the biggest open space found in Colombo Sri Lanka. This exquisite coastline public walk is a lace portion of area between Galle Street and Indian Sea, extending to 11/2 kilometers. Initially the Galle face green reached out over a much bigger range than seen today. It was mostly utilized as a steed dashing course and somewhat as a green in excess of 100 years prior amid the time of Sir Henry Ward, the English Legislative head of Ceylon in 1859.

Today, the Galle Face Green is an impeccable spot for every one of the individuals who need to enjoy their most loved distractions by the ocean under the open sky. The green lights up in the nights, with kids, families, merchants, young people, darlings, kite flyers and merrymakers and it is busiest on Saturday and Sunday nighttimes.

Encompassed by the acclaimed provincial styled Galle Face Inn, known as Asia’s Emerald on the Green since 1864, Ceylon Intercontinental Inn, the Taj Samudra, and the old parliament assembling, the green every now and again has various worldwide & neighborhood shows and Kite celebrations which are held amid the month of February.
Mount Lavinia

It is a village spotted to the south Colombo Sri Lanka and is renowned for Mount Lavinia Inn and its shoreline. It is an impeccable spot to unwind and appreciate amid your brisk business trek to Colombo Sri Lanka or amid your visit to Sri Lanka. The mount shoreline is a shallow shoreline, adored by everyone who might want to lie in the sun, unwind or take a dip when it gets excessively hot.

There are numerous cheap lodgings and restaurants on the shoreline where you can appreciate nearby or remote dishes of your decision and listen to music and in case you’re in a mind-set to gathering, you can simply discover a shoreline gathering amid the weekends.

This is one of the loveliest shoreline ranges near to any city on the planet, being a minor 8 miles from the heart of the city of Colombo Sri Lanka.

On the shoreline there are small bathing cottages which can be procured for the day. Lie in the sun and unwind, take a dip when it gets excessively hot and appreciate the sights and sounds. There are coconut and pineapple merchants who offer beverages to extinguish your thirst, while others offer shells and beads.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

Attidiya is a lovely marshland spotted around 9km towards the south west of the city. The wet area is rich with characteristic biodiversity and is a resting spot for some sorts of birds.

The vegetation of this wetland is overwhelmed by grasses and sedge including Panicum repens and Rhyuchospora rubra. Around 43 types of waterfowls live in the region. Most normal among them are the Blue breasted Grouped Rail, Indian Shag and so forth. On the off chance that you are an energetic flying bird watcher or an eco companion, then it is advantageous to use off and on again in the Attidiya bird sanctuary amid one of your comfortable nights of your stay in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Lakes and rivers in Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo’s geology is a mix of water and land. The North-Eastern and the Northern outskirt of the city of Colombo Sri Lanka  are framed by the Kelani River; the river streams down and meet the ocean in “Modera”, which implies river delta.

The city has numerous channels in the heart of the city which was utilized by pioneers for quite a long time to guard the city. The 65-hectare Beira Lake is a standout amongst the most different historic points of Colombo Sri Lanka, and presently the lake is generally used to lead dramatic occasions and regattas to pull in guests.

Colombo Planetarium

Placed in Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, The Colombo planetarium was made in 1965. English shows are shown on the last Saturday of the month at 2.00pm and exceptional shows in English can be arranged for gatherings of 75 or more.

Slave Island

It is a suburb in Colombo Sri Lanka, found specifically south of the Fortress region, which was a slender island back in the previous days.

The name Slave Island was given amid the time when slaves were held in Sri Lanka and this tight island was their night quarters till servitude was canceled in 1845.currently it is barely unmistakable as an island and it has changed to a business territory with rich office structures and stores, malls and lodgings, religious sanctuaries and different government offices and houses of worship.

Gangaramaya Sanctuary

Gangaramaya Buddhist sanctuary is a delightful and dynamic sanctuary with a history that goes once again in excess of 2,000 years. This sanctuary was said to have been inherent the nineteenth century by a dealer and boat manager named Wear Bastion, who had assumed a main part in restoring Buddhism.

Found next to a Blessed Bo Tree on the waters of Beira Lake, the sanctuary is just open by intersection a wooden extension. As indicated by authentic records, the Ruler Buddha is rumored to have lectured under this Bo tree which is considered as a sampling of the Sri Maha Bodhi and is in excess of 100 years of age.

Kalaniya Raja Maha Viharaya

Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya Paintings
Spotted around 06 miles far from Colombo, Kalaniya Raja Viharaya is a standout amongst the most noteworthy Buddhist sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. The sanctuary had been constructed more than 2000 years prior and contains pictures of leaning back and lecturing Buddha alongside frescoes delineating occurrences from his life.

The Kalaniya Vihara got its sacred status and turned into a position of Buddhist love after Arhath (especially illuminated) Mahinda brought the Dhamma to the island.

Hotels in Sri Lanka Colombo

As the budgetary and business capital of the nation Colombo Sri Lanka pulls in numerous travelers and personals every day. To oblige the individuals who wish to invest time in this extraordinary city it offers numerous amenities. There are a lot of top class and extravagance lodgings and resorts accessible.

Most are ready with dining, a/c, room service and 24 hour security. A great part of the lodging is near to clubs, exhibitions, theatres, restaurants and shops. Numerous city lodging rooms are set in current contemporary style and hold a caring feel. For the most part set in the heart of the city’s clamoring recreation, Colombo Sri Lanka is constantly occupied with assortment of occasions and a developing night society. Some lodging has an interesting top sky area, where you can unwind over espresso and make up for lost time with companions while a few others offer fabulous perspectives of the seafront.

As a developing traveler target, the city has a choice of astonishingly designated independent condo and official studios. The majority of these have completely prepared kitchens, laundry facilities and bathrooms. Here we list some of the best, medium and budget accommodation available in the city:


Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo Sri Lanka

Set inside an old manor with an infamous past when it was a home for nearby government officials, this slick lodging amazes with its dull, moderate configuration, rich forms and quirky works of art. Some piece of the Paradise road outline domain, each of the 10 rooms is remarkable and some incorporate private sprinkle pool. Ruler Charles and Camilla bunked here in 2013.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo Sri Lanka

Offering convenience in Colombo Sri Lanka downtown area, Cinnamon Grand inn emphasizes a spa, 2 outside pools and wellness offices. It brags 13 feasting alternatives. Free stopping is additionally given. Wi-Fi is accessible for nothing all through the property.

Cinnamon Grand offers rooms with city perspectives and high quality Television stations. Room conveniences incorporate coffee and tea making facilities, a safe and an iron. Connected bathrooms accompany a separate shower and a bathtub.

Feasting highlights incorporate global top choices at the 24-hour Taprobane restaurant and fish at The Tidal pond. The London echo and grill offer fine feasting with Italian and European cooking separately.

The Kingsbury

Proud amazing perspectives of the Indian Sea, 5 drink and food alternatives and established English structural engineering, The Kingsbury offers rich convenience a 15-moment stroll from the downtown area. It appreciates a beachfront area and a limitlessness pool ignoring the sea.

Halfway found in Colombo Sri Lanka, The Kingsbury Lodging is a short separation from prominent attractions like the World Trade Center and the Colombo Harbor. Bandaranaike airport is around 28 km away.

The 5-star lodging offers large rooms and oversized windows with stunning perspectives of the sea. Splendid and breezy, they are fitted with HQ television, a mini bar and coffee/ tea making facilities. Each one room has an en suite marble washroom.


Hotel Sapphire

This hotel is 4.5 km from the National Art Gallery and the Colombo Sri Lanka National Museum. It offers modern settlement with an open air pool, free stopping and free Wi-Fi.

Ventilated guestrooms are fitted with a mini bar, tea/espresso making facilities and a television with cable connection. The en suite restroom accompanies shower and toiletries.

Visitors can work out in the health center or invest some peaceful time at the terrace garden. Different services incorporate internet, travel desk etc.

Haus Chandra Hotel, Colombo Sri Lanka

This hotel is placed along Shoreline Street in Mount Lavinia, 1.5 km from Mount Lavinia Transport Stand. It offers present day settlement with a beachfront restaurant, an outside pool and a free Wi-Fi.

Large rooms are fitted with a mini bar, an individual safe and a television with cable connection. The en suite lavatory accompanies hot shower.

Visitors can relax by the pool and appreciate sea sees, or appreciate an unwinding massage. Day outings can be arranged at the travel desk. Haus Chandra Lodging likewise gives free parking and same-day laundry service.

The Boat house cafe is placed on the shoreline and serves a mixture of Italian dishes, Mainland delights and crisp fish.

Best Western Elyon Colombo Sri Lanka

This hotel characteristics a fitness center, a restaurant, a business center and rooms with city views and Complimentary wireless internet access. The closest fairway is found inside 3 km away.

Modern rooms emphasize a level screen television with satellite stations, an iPod dock, a wardrobe and an individual. Tea/espresso making luxuries and a minibar are additionally included. The en suite lavatory accompanies a bidet, downpour shower facilities, toiletries and a hairdryer.

The lodging is 3.4 km from Sri Lanka National Museum and 2.8 km from Bambalapitiya Route Station. Bandaranaike airport is 32 km away.

Travel arrangements can be made at the travel desk. Staff can likewise help with room administration, auto rental and laundry and luggage storage.


Blue Seas Guest House

Arranged in the upscale town of Mount Lavinia, Blue Seas offers reasonable convenience. It likewise emphasizes a restaurant which serves credible Sri Lankan suppers.

The guesthouse is strategically located only 1 km from Mount Lavinia Track Station. You can likewise look at Dehiwala National Zoological Enclosures, 3 km away. Galle Face Green is 12.7 km away while Bandaranaike airport is 41 km away.

Fitted with private overhang, rooms here will give you cooling and a couch seating range. The en suite bathrooms accompany boiling hot water showers and free toiletries.

The Ocean Colombo Sri Lanka

Placed along Marine Drive, The Ocean Colombo Sri Lanka characteristics present day and agreeable convenience with perspectives of the Indian Sea. It offers free carport on location and gives complimentary Wifi get to in the whole property.

This non-smoking inn is only 1 km from Grand Shopping center. MGM Gambling club is 1.2 km away while Sri Lanka National museum is 2.8 km from the inn. Bandaranaike airport is in a 32 km drive.

Tastefully outfitted, aerated and cooled rooms accompany an in-room safe, a wardrobe, a seating range, minibar and a level screen television with satellite stations. The en suite washroom incorporates hairdryer, shower facility and free toiletries.

Alfred Court Accommodation

Offering free Wi-Fi, Alfred Court is 6.5 km from the focal point of Colombo Sri Lanka. The property is 10-moment drive from the Colombo Fortification and 3 km from Galle Face Green.

With a private lavatory, the aerated and cooled rooms accompany free towels and free cloth. They offer a level screen television with satellite stations. Some have a seating range.

Visitors can taste Sri Lankan and Western nourishment and is 36 km from Bandaranaike airport.

Eating in Colombo

Enter a universe of tastes, sensations, flavoring and aromas. Colombo Sri Lanka  is a nourishment paradise; an astounding culinary voyage and liberal experience that ensure to tickle your taste buds, abandoning you returning for additional. As the business center of Sri Lanka, Colombo’s eating scene reflects becoming assorted qualities, blending intriguing new restaurants with long standing ones. Fine-eating restaurants, food courts and fast food outlets are just a percentage of the boundless alternatives.

Separated from the prestigious Sri Lankan food with its mix of green stew, onions, coconut milk and fragrant flavors like saffron and cinnamon, Colombo’s worldwide flavor is showcased by the wide variety of cooking styles offered at our numerous restaurants, including, German, French, Italian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and a lot more.

Colombo is flooded with restaurants offering the best in fine eating and the vast majority of these are spotted in star class. Rich environs of the city’s top end restaurants set the standard for a completely delightful eating with stunning menus, dinners and an incredible choice of wines supplement every splendid course.

Colombo Sri Lanka offers you a mixed variety of fast food chains. Costs are extremely sensible and the sky is the stop regarding the choices that these outlets give. Some of these coffee shops work all day and are exceptionally well-liked for Colombo’s “gathering individuals”, who stop by for supper well into the small hours of the night.

Wish to loosen up after an unpleasant day at work or essentially get up to speed with your companions? Just venture into any of the outlets fitting in with world class cafe chains.

The Gallery Cafe

Opened in 1998 in the previous business locales of incredibly famous designer Geoffrey Bawa, The Gallery Cafe offers a one of a kind blend of art inside its climatic lounge area. As a major aspect of the Paradise road complex, guests can examine a craftsmanship exhibition which has a pivoting determination of nearby specialists and originators before taking a seat to eat. In the lounge area, they will be served the best in credible Sri Lankan fare, finished off with combination components and utilizing just the freshest local ingredients.


Named the 38th best restaurant in Asia by San Pellegrino, Nihonbashi is controlled by Japanese-Sri Lankan culinary expert Dharshan Munidasa, who brings a cut of Japanese polish to the Sri Lankan capital. The décor deliberately summons the Zen like smooth of a Japanese garden, with delicately foaming fountains and a moderate, downplayed environment. The food is comparably basic, using the most sensitive blends to bring the best out of sushi and sashimi, all of which is exhibited with lovely care.


Established in a moving glass chamber, Zaza is a joined bar, bistro and restaurant which offers something for everybody through its each evolving menu. In the day time Zaza offers the best of Ceylon tea, consolidating the age old kinds of Sri Lanka’s tea society with some advanced combination winds, and making Tea mock tails. Zaza then changes into a hip tapas restaurant, with a broad scope of neighborhood and global dishes.

Let’s drink.

Bars are one of the most loved parts of Colombo Sri Lanka living. While the extravagant mixed drink is always great, the overspent rupees and thorough clothing standards don’t generally constitute the stature of enticement to our fairly shabby and shoe-loath group. Here are some of the places to drink.

The Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel is the finest of dodgy bars. It is housed in a perfectly maturing on Castle Road, close to the Slave Island line station. The windows have hued glass tiles and everything is a wonderful Framework green or blurring orange. Drinks, likewise, are shabby and the bites are generally fabulous. This is a regular workers bar so the costs are low.

Colombo City Hotel

The Colombo City Hotel is totally focal and its top Display bar/restaurant advantages from truly extraordinary perspectives. You are completely in the heart of the city and you can gaze out over the Colombo Sri Lanka horizon, the ocean and the Post’s frontier focus. It’s additionally extremely moderate. Keeping in mind there’s something somewhat unpleasant about the spot, it’s still numerous evaluations up on your standard dodgy bar so ladies will feel good. Shabby alcohol, extraordinary perspectives, sensible costs what’s not to like?

Vespa Sports Club

This is an alternate of those dreams that at some point appear out of sticky Colombo Sri Lanka nights. Covered up down one of Colpetty’s sultry coastline paths, this is an exceptional spot. A disintegrating old cabin, with thick cream segments and old wooden fretwork hanging over its stone verandah, it look likes it has a place in the Galle Fortification – however not at all like structures in the Stronghold’s cozy paths its encompassed by a considerable open space – maybe a quarter of a section of land in ocean side Colpetty…

The swarm at Vespa, however its scarcely a swarm, comprises completely of loose, respectable and conscious working men – there are no body monitors, no fights, no state of mind and agro and the vicinity of ladies is welcomed with loose vacillation and maybe marginally better administration.

Dream land Bar

Dream land is in Slave Island, a piece adjacent to Hotel Nippon. It sits agreeably at the upper end of Colombo’s dodgy bars. Really, it’s not by any means that dodgy. It’s fairly a decent place, venue wise on a standard with White Steed on Nawam Mawatha.

It’s basically one major room with a bar toward the end and the seating comprises of low seats and tables, orchestrated in very nearly café style. The dividers have a decent cut bond wrap up, the spot a more cleaned, up market look. What’s more the costs are great.

Colombo Sri Lanka weather

Colombo’s atmosphere is genuinely calm throughout the year. Expect hot, moist, tropical climate in Colombo Sri Lanka lasting throughout the year, extending anywhere in the range of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, up into the 90s. Relative stickiness ranges from around 70% amid the day up to 90% during the evening. Substantial downpour storms are basic amid rainstorm season, principally from May through August, additionally from October through January. You can expect a normal of 14 inches of downpour in May, and an alternate 14 inches in October. Dry climate and brilliant, sunny skies are more probable from February through April, which is when most explorers visit this range.

That being said, downpour is not constant or ensured amid the rainstorm season. On the off chance that you decide to visit amid this time there is a probability that the climate will wait, and you are certain to see less swarms and less lavish accommodations.

Remember that Colombo Sri Lanka gets really forced in mid-May, when crowds of Sri Lankans rush here to praise the Buddha’s Introduction to the world. Exuberant celebrations go on all week, with great embellishments, heavenly treats, and various types of entertainment. On the off chance that you want to join the gathering, book your facilities path ahead of time.


One of the greatest celebrations in Colombo Sri Lanka is the festival of Buddha’s Introduction to the world. Each May, crowds of Sri Lankans rush here for the cheerful celebrations that go on all week, complete with light competitions, heavenly treats, and numerous sorts of entertainment.

Things to do

Colombo Sri Lanka Nightlife

Since the end of civil war in Sri Lanka, Colombo Sri Lanka and other significant urban areas now have the advantage of opening their entryways till later around evening time. Celebrating in Colombo is an experience non-standard with some other. Pubs, clubs and restaurants now stay open till early hours of the morning and going to many areas on one-night is a prominent past-time for some gathering goers.

Family Day-Out

Searching for a spot to take the whole family on a day-time trip? You have a few alternatives to look over not very a long way from the city.

The national zoo loaded with numerous endemic and transitory types of greenery is at close-submit a prevalent suburb; Dehiwala. Sri Lean additionally gloats two splendid water-stops in Avisawella and Kelaniya both with simple access. The Pinnawala Elephant Shelter along the Galle Street is likewise exceptionally prominent attractions, extraordinarily for the children.

Visit a Church, Sanctuary, Mosque or Kovil

Being a multi-ethnic country has numerous profits for our little island in the sun. One may discover a mosque and church side-by-side while a Kovil and sanctuary may be arranged down the same road. A huge number of years of history is shown on the numerous compositional plans of the structures and the comfort one feels in going to a position of love is profoundly soul purifying.

Sri Lanka Holidays tour packages which covers Colombo

Lets visit Colombo Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Holidays

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