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Ella Sri Lanka

Sri lanka is a magnificent nation with different tourism attractions and Ella Sri Lanka is one of them. It is amazingly excellent and has a percentage of the finest spots of sightseers interest that welcomes thousands and a huge number of vacationers from over the globe.

Sri lanka has something for each visitor who desires holidays or visits. From the beautiful hill stations to the beguiling shorelines to the extraordinary natural life parks and havens, nature places, pleasant waterfalls, picturesque islands and substantially more. Really, Sri lankan attractions are past examination and it offers voyagers to appreciate travels in a delightful and essential way.

In the event that you are searching for an idea that joins together real traditions and additionally elevated expectations of extravagance, then Sri Lanka is the perfect end. It is an exceptionally well known certainty that Sri Lanka visits consolidate the regularly wonderful locales alongside extravagance qualities. Obviously, Ella Sri Lanka is the place which you must not miss out in your Sri Lanka Holidays.

Ella Sri Lanka is a small stunning drowsy town in the Badulla surroundings on the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s Hill Station. It’s arranged amidst wonderful farmland, with little vegetable plots in the valleys, tea manors on the hill inclines and forests on the tops. It is pretty nearly 200 kilometers east of Colombo and is arranged at a rise of 3,415 feet over the sea level. Ella Sri Lanka is encompassed by hills secured with tea estates and cloud forests.

Importance of Ella Sri Lanka to the tourists

Ella Sri Lanka

This small tropical island is honored with an awesome variety of lovely scenes. Ella Sri Lanka, (water fall in Sinhalese) suitably named in the setting of various waterfalls, little & substantial, which crash, spout or stream down the rocky territory. Such is the common excellence of the town. Like most places in Sri Lanka, the people here pick up their money from tourism. The lovely thing about Ella Sri Lanka is that there doesn’t have anyone attempting to con or trick you, which makes it a respectable place to lay back.

The other fair thing about Ella Sri Lanka is the climate. It serves to recall a hot English summer. Hot in the midst of the day and not too bad and cool around night time. If you like climbing the peaks that are specked around Ella Sri Lanka, and afterward check you take sun cream and water!

Places to visit in Ella Sri Lanka

Demodara Loop

The standard line from Colombo to Badulla does an interesting loop at Demodara. The tallness increment was higher at the territory than the ordinary standard for tracks to be laid. The train lands at the station and continues to the loop which perseveres and a douse slant and over to the station, however, it goes under the station through an entry and continues to an extension. The design of the track is called “Orbiting the loop”. It is extremely attractive to watch the strategy from a high stature, especially when 2 trains cross at the territory.

Ravana’s Cave

These poles exhibit the splendor of Master Ravana. The poles serve as an energetic technique for transport through the slants besides as a secret area. They organize all the vital urban regions, dairy farms and airports. An adjacent look at these entries demonstrates that they are man-made and not characteristic foundations.

Ella Sri Lanka Gap

An amazing gap in the southern mountain divider where the territory falls away in a pleasant drop of 3,000 feet toward the southern plains and the sea. On a satisfactory night, you can see the unique Basses Beaconl. You can move over to the surprising Ella Sri Lanka Motel (once, the Ella Sri Lanka Rest House) or Ambiente which is structured in an important territory in Ella Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka.

Ella Sri Lanka is regarded with most likely the loveliest points of view, you could find in Sri Lanka. Only 8 km from Bandarawela, this region is used as a base for a considerable measure of trekking endeavors to the surrounding fields.

Rawana Ella Falls


The Rawana Ella Sri Lanka is a champion amongst the most distinctive visiting spots in Sri Lanka. This conspicuous fall has its appends connected with the acclaimed Indian epic, the Ramayana. The Rawana Falls has been named after the solid daemon, Ravana. As shown by the epic, it is said that in the wake of seizing Sita, Ravana, the ruler of Sri Lanka had covered her at the openings behind this waterfall. The opening came to be known as Rawana Ella Sri Lanka cave. The spot was around then thick afforested area in the midst of wild. It is acknowledged that Rama’s ruler wandered around this spot while she was kept. She moreover washed in a pool that collected the water tumbling from these Rawana Falls.

The well known Rawana Ella Sri Lanka natural cave lies 4500 feet above sea level on the foundation of a feign in Uva. The enormity of the Ravana fall is its wild look amidst wild. This spot is a champ amongst the most searched for after excursion destinations of Sri Lanka and is detected 7 miles a long way from Bandarawela. The amazing Rawana Ella Sri Lanka falls is masterminded to some degree more partition a long way from here and is known not one of the biggest falls of Sri Lanka. The water pouring from the Rawana Ella Sri Lanka thinks that its way down in three stages for 9 meters and thereafter bends itself in a stream. It is acknowledged to begin from the thick Wewatenna highlands.

The excellent Rawana Ella Sri Lanka falls is around 30 feet high and could be recognizable from the important road. The perfection of the falls lies in the way that it is put against the strikingly amazing view of mountains and valleys. The water gushes down over various stairs to make a dazzling circumstance. The spot is a quiet and favored stop to rest for explorers.

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

This bridge was developed at Gotuwala between the two line stations – Demodara and Ella Sri Lanka in the midst of the English pioneer period; is the greatest in Sri Lanka. Discovered pretty much 3100 feet over the sea level. Right when one stands underneath it and moves in the direction of, is a superb perspective of ‘nine skies’ completely through nine bends, in this manner got this Sinhala name. This platform is similarly called ‘The extension in the sky’ due to the sheer stature.

This tremendous extension is made totally of hearty shakes, pieces and bond without using a lone bit of steel. The expansion was finally selected in 1921. One end of this twisted 9 arch platform is a pole. There is a popular story to say that when improvement work was begun on the framework, the World War 1 broke-out and the steel assignment allotted for this site was seized and was used for war related activities. Right when the work came to a halt, local individuals came and created the platform with solid stone squares and cement without steel.

Nature Trail Ella

Covered significantly in the Kanneliya storm forest, Narangas Ella Sri Lanka is a little, yet an appealing waterfall. The trail provoking this waterfall is not in any way difficult to handle, in spite of the way that it’s a walk imperceptibly more that 5km. Moreover, the trail covers three other of Kanneliya which are the gap, the Creature Navada tree and the giant creeper.

December to April are dry months and July-August which will be ideal for walking around the woodlands, anyway, you may have the ability to see the waterfalls in full stream in the midst of the wet months.

Newburgh Estate

The Newburgh Estate is situated in the foggy Namunukula Mountain range and has the distinction of being one of the best Green Tea plants of Sri Lanka. The praised surrounding viewpoint, the “Ella Sri Lanka Gap” where the eastern mountains dive down to the Plains of southern Sri Lanka is close by and the estate is 701m to 1,219m above sea level.

Newburgh Teas make a blend of the best and the most incredible green tea in “Finlays” brand, using extraordinarily chosen tea leaves took care of to the most astonishing quality measures at a quality workmanship green tea assembling plant. Unlike the a substantial segment of the other Green Tea Makers, Green Newburgh Teas use the finest buds of tea, from their Nahavila Estate, grew under strict provincial, moral and hygienic rules. Newburgh teas ensure that the no outside sources are blended into its novel nursery tea.

Horton Plains National Park

You could wander out by means of train to the Ohiya railway station and trek starting there. The Horton Plains National Park is the original National Park, situated in the Hill Country. Nature accomplices would love this wide, grass secured plain. The fertile Plains, which are mixed with little fixes of wilds, are home to quite a few wild animals including, jaguars, sambur and monkeys. This is moreover one of the top destinations for birders who can watch an awesome youngster’s life, including some endemic species. The most passionate characteristic of the National Park is ‘World’s End’ where the level lands at a sharp end and drops very nearly 1000m vertically. The viewpoint is magnificent on a fresh morning.

Halpewatte Tea Factory

Taking a tea factory visit is an undeniable necessity for any lover of the solid blend, and there is one in the town of Bandarawela, 13km southwest of Ella Sri Lanka. The Uva Halpewaththa Tea factories guided visit shows the distinctive periods of tea gathering, from sorting the fresh leaves to separating the different classes of dried tea, completing the cycle in a tasting on the generation line’s top floor with astonishing viewpoints of the incorporating houses. If you may need to bring an essence of ‘Ceylon’ home, the association offers recently packed teas.

Bandarawela is also known for its energetic Sunday morning vegetable business area, where neighborhood agriculturists and representatives gather to offer productivity and family unit things to the people that come in from neighboring towns. Ella Sri Lanka has a smaller, all the more neighborly market of its own on Wednesday mornings, when Passara Road is lined with women wearing splendidly shaded saris offering new vegetables and herbs that will be used to make that evening’s dinner in kitchens all over town. Visitors staying at one of the parcels of individual family-run guest houses, all of which offer home-cooked meals to their guests, can purchase vegetables to be organized for their night feast – the area gourmet specialists are amazingly satisfying. Really, most are overjoyed to give easygoing cooking lessons in their kitchen. Dinners should be held by early afternoon, then again, to allow enough time set up the various choice dishes that make up a Sri Lankan dinner.

Two or three days in Ella Sri Lanka will be sufficiently long to example the tea, pig out on Sri Lankan cooking and make sense of how to cook it at home. In any case, the town’s fair claim, its culinary awes and liberal, neighborly nearby individuals will make you wish you could stay any more.

Ravana Holiday Resort

Known for offering one of Ella Sri Lanka’s most tasty and best-regard dinner spreads, has moreover offered into voyager enthusiasm for cooking heading. In the wake of being flooded with requests for their actions, they thought to let those with a dinner reservation come in front of calendar to watch the culinary specialists set up the night’s “rice and curry” consequently for a little tip. The evening time dinner involves twelve little plates, including blazing curries delivered utilizing whatever was freshest in the business, for instance, severe melon, pumpkin, okra, jackfruit and the Ravana strong point, a rich garlic curry stewed in a weight cooker until sensitive and smooth. Their dal, created utilizing red lentils and prepared with coconut milk, turmeric and cinnamon, is fundamental yet convincing.

Not just a prime spot for making sense of how to cook Sri Lankan entry, Ella Sri Lanka is furthermore a surprising spot to investigate the country’s storied history in the domain of tea. Tea era took off in Sri Lanka in the late 1800s after disease pounded the country’s coffee farms. The cool, emerald incline country ended up having the perfect organic system for the unique beverage, and it was very little sooner than Ceylon – Sri Lanka’s past name – got the chance to be synonymous with splendid tea.

Ella Sri Lanka Spice Garden

The charming town of Ella Sri Lanka may be settled in the midst of a world-prominent tea homes, yet it is by and large famous for something else: delicious home cooking. The town set in the foothills of Sri Lanka’s rich slant country 200km east of Colombo, offers foodies the chance to plunge significant into the country’s culinary traditions and makes sense of how to eat greedily – and cook – like a close-by.

Spices are a staple of Sri Lankan support, from the cinnamon that pulled in the colonizing Portuguese to the chilies that they abandoned. Ella Sri Lanka, with its verdant inclines and cool evenings, is ready ground for growing substantial parts of these spices, for instance, turmeric, cardamom and curry gets out. In this way, the town is well known for its delicately upgraded dishes, which use smooth coconut eat up rather than hot stew. Nearby individuals readily profess that top decisions, for instance, cinnamon-spiced potato curry and sensitive jackfruit curry are among the finest you will always consume.

Ella Sri Lanka Spice Garden started by giving voyages through their family-run zest greenhouse, which contains everything from cinnamon to chilies, pandan to pepper. Right when 24-year-old Chandika Madusanka comprehended that people expected to figure out how the spices were created and how to use them, he began running cooking classes out of his family’s kitchen. He got his culinary planning from his mom and more energetic sister, who still watch out for things to confirm he is staying substantial to their equations, including a couple sorts of spiced rice, poppadams, sambal, dal and curries. When the class is over, the individuals sit down at the family’s dinner table to have a great time what they have set together.

Little Adam’s Peak

Ella Sri Lanka town is a residential community among the up area targets included waterfalls, gaps and geographically colossal spots. One such place is Adams Peak, figured fit as a fiddle mountain which stays opposite to the Ella Sri Lanka rock. Be careful not to harm the plants, blooms and animals that will get on your journey together to the mountain.

You could see the people who cull and gather tea leaves, working in their homes. It will take around 35-45 min to reach to the most noteworthy purpose of the mountain in a zig- zag way. Thusly, it is an immaculate spot to watch the sun move in the morning. With enormous points of view of the degree that Ella Sri Lanka rock and down to the opening will end.

It is an indisputable condition to say that ‘recall to wake up at an early hour in the morning and riding the mountain before it gets hot’ else you will feel tired. Also, do not forget to take a container of water with you. It’s keen to recall that if you have to carry a photograph with the tea plucker working in the tea houses, they will ask money.

The bona fide Adam’s Peak is a physical test of uncommon degrees for most people with occasionally undermining steps, easing off and around its cone molded shape until you see that they will never end. Little Adam’s Peak, in any case, is a basic walk around only forty five minutes from Ella Sri Lanka town and it is possible to go up without climbing any strides.

On a walk around the tea houses, you can see women picking tea and men, weeding and some persons offering bits of adornments and armlets all made of hand painted shades. There are at present two ways to get to the most astounding point of Little Adam’s Peak – up a couple of stairs or around the first track to one side of the stairs which will be repaid with stunning viewpoints far into the out of reach fields past.

Don’t resist the eminent tourism site in Sri Lanka, Little Adams Peak whether considering the announcement ‘Little’, it is named after the sacred Adams Peak (Sri Pada –where the foot molded impression of Ruler Buddha is spared) regarding the closeness between the two mountains. Thus the mountain was called as pitiful Adams Peak.

“Punchi Sri Pada” is a substitute name for this Peak. It is 1141 m in stature. Little Adam’s Peak draws in various wayfarers who come to Sri Lanka. Orderly with a basic trek up to the load of Little Adams Peak you can satisfy a quality encompassing point of view. You have to walk around luxurious green tea houses, waterfalls and paddy fields while getting a charge out of the scenes.

It will be to a great degree important if you could visit the spot in the morning when the fogs come in. Further places like Little Adams Peak considers ‘How far Sri Lanka is worth and rich with superb basic closures of Sri Lankan tourism’. It will feel like a neck exercise for the visitors as you have to turn your body to search for the viewpoints unusual for 360 degrees.

Directions to get in

Ella Sri Lanka is a little place that genuinely includes one principle road with the line station, which is essentially a shed at the top and subsequently a few hundred meters down the delicate inclination forks off. The surrendered heads over to Little Adam’s Peak and the road going straight to ahead happens toward the South float around 3 hours away. Touched on either side of the road are guest houses and eateries, however not very many. It really is a private little place. The town is flanked on both sides by huge mountains and at the front right is the prestigious Ella Sri Lanka Rock, an amazing incline face climbing startling high over the town. The space between the two sides is known as Ella Sri Lanka’s cave, and through this opening you can see the fields underneath, it is this prominent and totally astonishing view that has encouraged climbers to meander this Far East for very much quite a while.


The street to Ella Sri Lanka leaves the Bandarawela–Badulla street around 9km out of Bandarawela. Transports change plan regularly, so request a service at the Curd Shop (where numerous transports stop to gather travelers).

Transports go to Badulla, Bandarawela and Ella Wellawaya

Whether you’re going to or from Kandy, you must change first at Badulla. Transports to Matara (Rs 240 to Rs 275 relying upon transport quality) stop at Ella Sri Lanka around consistently from around 6.30am until around 2.30pm. The transports are prone to be full when they reach Ella Sri Lanka, however, the transports around twelve are generally less occupied. You can simply get a transport to Ella Wellawaya and change there for a support of the south drift or for Monaragala (for Arugam Bay). A transport heads to Galle each morning at 8am (Rs 310).


Ella Sri Lanka is an hour from Haputale and Badulla on the Colombo–Badulla line. The stretch from Haputale (through Bandarawela) has an especially flawless view.

Admissions and timetables are very much posted. You’ll most likely be met by a couple touts turning unreliable stories; Ella Sri Lanka’s guesthouse brotherhood are maybe the most aggressive in all of Sri Lanka.


The climate conditions all through the greater part of the year is regular of the Hill Country, with a hot sun by noon, yet a sensible air temperature. It will regularly rain toward the evening, yet just for 60 minutes or somewhere in the locality. A sweatshirt, or light coat is viewed as important around evening time. In December, there can be more rain!

The air is one of the quietest in Sri Lanka and sits at a persevering 26 degrees with a slight breeze consistently. The skies are commonly blue and everyone that lives in Ella Sri Lanka is satisfied with the incredibleness and quietness that the town gives.


Ella Sri Lanka has a bank (Bank of Ceylon) with an ATM and a little mail station.

Hotels Ella Sri Lanka

There’s much to do in Ella Sri Lanka itself, with a scoop of little shops and only several bars/eateries. It’s on a very basic level a wonderfully loosening up base for exploring the nation. Finding accommodation in Ella Sri Lanka is not hard.


98 Acres Ella Sri Lanka

New 98 Acres resort is one of biggest arrival in Sri Lanka in 2015. We will come up with detailed article about the hotel where our team couldn’t visit the hotel yet.

Hotel Heaven’s Edge

Overlooking the staggering sloping scene, Hotel Heaven’s Edge highlights an open air pool, an eatery and rooms with the perspectives of the Ella Sri Lanka Gap. The property is 65 km far from the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. Complimentary wireless internet is accessible in its open regions.

Fitted with a balcony, rooms include a level screen television with cable connections and a private washroom with bath or shower facilities, toiletries and towels. Room service is given.

Visitors can play a session of billiards or darts. Then again, they can organize a trek. Facilities in the property incorporate a business center and a 24-hour front work area, where staff can help with luggage storage, auto rental and clothing services.

Mountain Heavens

Overlooking picturesque nature, Mountain Heavens offers serene and modern convenience with Complimentary wireless internet access in its open territories. Set in lavish green mountains, it has an eatery and gives free parking spot close-by.

Fitted with an expansive gallery, fan-cooled rooms accompany tiled ground surface, a garment rack, sofa seating region and a level screen television with cable stations. Rooms appreciate patio nursery and mountain sees, and incorporate a private restroom shower facility.

At Mountain Heavens, visitors may lease an auto to explore the range and visit adjacent attractions. Clothing and room service can likewise be arranged upon solicitation.

The in-house eatery serves a delicious course of nearby and western dishes, went with terrific perspectives of lavish green peaks.

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is around 65 km away.

Kirchhayn Bungalow

Kirchhayn Bungalow provides an outside swimming pool and warmed suites with free Wi-Fi. Situated in the Uva tea factory area on Aislaby Farm and Estate, the property remains at a rise of 1,400 meters and appreciates cool temperatures.

Pretty nearly 15 minutes from Kirchhayn Bungalow is the Bandarawela town center. Railway Station of Bandarawela is situated 8 km away from Kirchhayn Bungalow. The well known perspective of Lipton’s seat is 17 km and Horton Fields National Park is 38 km away while Diyaluma Falls is 45 km from the property.

Every suite has a fan, minibar and cable television. It incorporates a feasting and seating ranges and a private washroom with bathtub and shower.

Entertainment facilities incorporate an amusement room at Kirchhayn Bungalow. Visitors have admittance to grill facilities and a greenery enclosure. Daily papers are additionally accessible.


Hotel Lion Hotel

Offering an eatery, Hotel Lion Hotel is situated in Bandarawela. Complimentary wireless internet access is accessible. Every room here will furnish you with a gallery, a patio and a seating region. Complete with an electric pot, the feasting zone additionally has an espresso machine and an eating table. Including a shower, private lavatory likewise accompanies a bath or shower. You can appreciate mountain perspective and city view from the room. Additional items incorporate a chimney, a work area and bed cloth.

At the Hotel Lion Hotel, you will discover a 24-hour front work area, a greenery enclosure and grill facilities. Different facilities offered at the property incorporate excitement staff, meeting facilities and a visit area. A variety of exercises can be appreciated on location or in the surroundings, including climbing. The property offers free parking.
Mattala Rajapaksa Worldwide Airport is 66 km away.

Orient Hotel

Encompassed by woods, waterfalls and tea manors, Orient Hotel is situated in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. This property comprises free parking, an eatery and an assortment of wellness facilities.

Visitors can work out at the exercise center, play a round of tennis, or essentially appreciate body medicines at the Ayurvedic Center. Auto rental and ticketing can be made in the visitors’ area.

Rooms accompany wooden furniture, bright fabrics and have vast windows that offer a lot of normal light. All rooms have a television, minibar and an appended restroom with a shower.

Accessible from throughout the day eating, the eatery serves a mixture of nearby and international food. Light snacks and invigorating drinks are offered at the bar.

Green Hill

Set above lavish green mountains, Green Hill offers peaceful and plain convenience with Complimentary wireless internet access all through the property. Working a 24-hour front work area, it highlights a typical porch and gives free parking spot adjacent.

Essentially outfitted, rooms come furnished with a garment rack, wardrobe, mosquito net and seating territory. The private washroom incorporates shower facility, towels, a bidet pipe and free toiletries.

Neighborly staff at Green Hill can help visitors with luggage storage, clothing, money exchange and ticketing services. Visitors might likewise lease a bike/auto to explore the zone and visit adjacent attractions.

The property houses an eatery where visitors can appreciate true Sri Lankan cooking for breakfast and supper. Packed snacks and room service alternatives are additionally accessible for visitors’ accommodation.

Green Hill is around 65 km from Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

Hotel Country Comfort

Offering an eatery, Hotel Country Comfort is situated in Ella Sri Lanka, a 5-moment stroll from the Ella Sri Lanka Railroad Station and Ella Sri Lanka Town. Complimentary wireless internet access is accessible.

Including inlet windows disregarding the terrace nursery, every room will furnish with a television and an eating table. Private restroom likewise accompanies a bath.

At Hotel Country Comfort you will discover a 24-hour front desk , a bar and a garden. Different facilities offered at the property incorporate a common parlor and baggage storage. The hotel offers free parking and Mattala Rajapaksa Airport is 66 km away.

Guest house Ella Sri Lanka or Budget Hotels

Ella Sri Lanka Flower Garden Resort

Overlooking all encompassing mountain sees, Ella Sri Lanka Flower Garden Resort is settled on Ella Sri Lanka. Rooms are outfitted with an extensive private gallery and Complimentary wireless internet access is accessible at all open zones.

Getting a charge out of excellent perspectives, every room will furnish with a security store box, seating zone and a written work table. They likewise have a joined washroom with a hairdryer and either a bath or a bathtub.

Staff at Ella Sri Lanka Flower Garden Resort can help you with basic supply conveyances and packing services. You can likewise lease a bike or an auto to explore this grand region. Free parking facilities are offered to the individuals who drive.

Visitors can test real Sri Lankan hotels at the on location eatery. Then again, visitors might likewise ask for stuffed snacks and in-room feasting.

The convenience is 65 km far from Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

Beauty Mount Tourist Hotel

Offering an eatery, Beauty Mount Tourist Hotel is situated in Ella Sri Lanka. Complimentary wireless internet access is accessible. Every room will furnish with a terrace and a private restroom. You can appreciate the garden view from the room.

At the Beauty Mount Tourist Hotel, you will discover a garden. Different facilities offered at the property incorporate a common parlor, luggage storage and clothing facilities.

The Ella Sri Lanka Transport Station is around 180 meters, Rail route Station is 450 meters and the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is 65 km away. The Bandaranaike International Airport is 208 km.

Sun Top Hotel

Offering a spa and health focus and eatery, Sun Top Hotel gives a 24-hour front desk for the comfort of the visitors. Complimentary wireless internet access is accessible to people in general territories of the property.

Every room will furnish with a seating territory. There is likewise a feasting table. Highlighting a bath, private restroom accompanies a hairdryer and free toiletries. You can appreciate mountain and garden view from the room.

At Sun Top Hotel you will discover free bicycles. Different facilities offered at the property incorporate a common parlor, a visit desk and luggage storage. A variety of exercises can be appreciated on location or in the surroundings, including trekking. The property offers free parking.

The Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is 65 km away.

Ella Sri Lanka Highest Hotel

Surprising mountain sees from a private gallery are accessible in Ella Sri Lanka Highest Hotel’s rooms, which give Complimentary wireless internet. Claimed by an English talking family, the guesthouse incorporates a mutual parlor.
A perfect base for night camps and jungle tours, Ella Sri Lanka Highest Hotel is 65 km from Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

This twofold has a private lavatory that accompanies a bath. It is furnished with a level screen television and normal extension.

Visitors can organize an airport transport service with the property, which additionally has its own particular garden.
Restaurants & Bars

Ella Restaurants

Cafe Chill

A decent place to snatch some nourishment and/or have a drink while Ella Sri Lanka. Fun air. This cool roadside cafe bar has the explorer scene thing down to a tee – there are cool tunes and simple discussions around the table.

Dream Cafe

Different reader suggestions recommend for this original place with a shady garden, cool enclosure. It’s a multi-ethnic small spot with great coffee, espresso, Western dishes, for example, smoothies and chicken wraps and servings of mixed greens for the solid voyager. The beers are decent and frosty.

Curd Shop

It’s close to the transport stand that is useful for a modest breakfast before or after an early-morning walk around the Little Adam’s Peak. It’s an excellent explorer style place and, as the name recommends, is the spot to attempt kotthu (rotti slashed up and blended with veggies and so forth) or curd and nectar. It’s likewise convenient for getting sandwiches, in case you’re making a go at strolling.

Garden View Restaurant

A wooden treehouse-like spot with cordial staff, awesome tasting neighborhood suppers and modest costs. You’ll pass it as you stroll along the railroad tracks in the middle of town and Ella Sri Lanka Rock.



If you need garments for cooler climate or trekking, head to the business sector on New Bazaar St for brand-name outside apparatus from a Sri Lankan piece of clothing processing plants at deal er costs.


This reasonable exchange tea shop (offering leaves instead some tea) was built up by a Sri Lankan visit manual for help nearby tea-estate youngsters. It gives 5% of all cash made to group ventures. They offer a variety of nearby teas in Ella Sri Lanka.

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