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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya History

Located at around 2000m above ocean level and encompassed by lavish tea plantations, Nuwara Eliya is the primary hill resort of Sri Lanka and the heart of the tea business. This city with a rise of 6200 meters is the most astounding in Sri Lanka. Once Nuwara Eliya was a delight retreat of the European grower, still the town is all that much an English town with numerous English style homes and structures.

History says Nuwara Eliya is found by a chasing gathering headed by Dr. John Davy in 1818. The English representative at the time, Sir Edward Barnes, was advised about this and consequently chosen to take habitation there, soon making a comfort resort, which soon got to be universally prestige.

Nuwara Eliya is firmly English in some way (spot names, gardens and houses) and was really wanted to be an English town by a revolutionary Englishman, Sir Samuel Baker in the mid nineteenth Century.

Voyagers from the UK will be especially pulled in by the architecture which is strongly Victorian. Indeed current structures are fabricate in the same manner to save Nuwara Eliya’s one of a kind environment. Nuwara Eliya was home far from home for the English colonialist in the nineteenth century.

Importance of Nuwara Eliya for tourists

Nuwara Eliya is said to have been established by several English officers who evidently got lost while elephant chasing. The English representative Sir Edward Barnes was advised about the town and he himself chose to live at Nuwara Eliya and in this way making a wellbeing resort that was globally eminent. The town was later a definitive objective for English leisure activities, for example, fox chasing, polo, and golf and so on. Nuwara Eliya likewise has an archeological imperativeness also in which ancient human remains are found. The city is has a decent impression of the pioneer period even new inns are outfitted as indicated by the frontier time.

Nuwara Eliya is currently a modern, occupied city with retail chains, fast food chains. By and by the further away you are, far from the occupied town the more you will be returning to the past. Sightseers will discover a mixed bag of recreational exercises to do in this wonderful city, Nuwara Eliya is known to have the best 18-gap fairway in Asia and that is not all stallion riding, sailing, bird viewing and trekking are few of the numerous fun things you can do.

Nuwara Eliya – Places to see

Nuwara-Eliya the “heart” of the tea nation placed at a height of 1980 meters in the vital highland of a tropical island, it offers the best both planets preferences, of tropical plenitude and average cool mountain atmosphere. While the time atmosphere is sub-tropical, night temperature plunge sufficiently low to deliver ice.

Haggala Botanical Garden

10 km on the Badulla Road and near to Nuwara Eliya, the garden was initially settled in 1860 under the curator-ship of three Britishers namely – JJ Nock, JK Nock and William Nock. It lays under the Hakgala Crest, between 5000-6000 feet in rise – the most noteworthy set Plant Enclosures on the planet. It brags 100 year old English Oak, Fiscal Cypress trees from California, Himalayan Pines and Japanese Cedars.

The Herbal garden is first as a cinchona manor and then adjusted to a trial enclosure for the acclimatization of plants from calm zones in the tropics. Here can be discovered all the blooms of an English house cultivate in summer and spring and much else other than, for example, the most seasoned tea-bramble in the island, a decorative lake and interesting summerhouse. Haggala climbs a sheet 1500 ft/460 meters and offers a standout amongst the most shocking perspectives ever. Legend says it was a piece of the Himalayas conveyed here by the Monkey God – Hanuman in his journey to help God-Rama salvage Goddess – Sita from the evil presence lord – Ravana. Sita-Eliya, site of Sita’s detainment, stands an unimportant mile away, with the ‘Sita Amman Kovil’ very close.

Queen Victoria Park – Nuwara Eliya

The Victoria Park in Nuwara Eliya is thought to be named to comorate the 60th Celebration Crowning ceremony of Monarch Victoria. Initially the recreation center was utilized as the examination field of Haggala Organic Garden which is spotted around 04 km far from the downtown area. It is realized that this park was built by planting an Oak tree by German Rulers who went to Nuwara Eliya at the recent piece of the nineteenth Century.

The recreation center is 27 sections of land in degree and around 90% of the tree species accessible are those of outside plants. Nanu Oya which moves through the recreation center and various lakes inside it upgrades its excellence. Countless bird species can be found in the recreation center. The recreation center is an incredible vacation spot in Nuwara Eliya. It was assessed that in excess of 100,000 neighborhood guests and around 4000 – 5000 outside visitors visit the Victoria Park consistently.

Victoria Park – Nuwara Eliya is an alluring and generally utilized desert spring. It is popular with birdwatchers at quieter times as a result of the great open doors it provides for seeing Pled Thrush, Blue Indian Robin or Layered Thrush sneaking in the deeper bushes. Kashmir Flycatchers is an alternate appealing bird type seen in the park.

Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park Nuwara Eliya

The town for visits to Horton Plains is the Nuwara Eliya. The adventure from Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains just takes an hour. Horton Plains National Park is the main Countries Park arranged in the hill nation and the most elevated level in the island comprising of field blended with patches of forests, with some uncommon high elevation vegetation and a fabulous outing and a heaven for bird viewing, nature partners and explorers.

It falls inside the Nuwara Eliya Locale 200km away from Colombo, the capital city. The surrounding excellence of the hill nation is seen inside the recreation center. The Plains are a delightful, quiet, peculiar world with some great strolls.

The verdant Plains still have numerous other wild lives. Species found here incorporate common Purple-colored Langur, Sambar and the Panther. Common high country birds incorporate Yellow-eared Bulbul, Sri Lanka White-eye and Dull-blue Flycatcher.

The most dazzling spot is the World’s End, where the southern Horton Plains abruptly finishes and drops off to almost 1050 meters, when is a magnificent sight for sure. This shear drop offers an amazing perspective of the area underneath on sunny mornings. This is a most loved spot for trekkers, as there are a lot of delicate and hard trails.

Early morning visits are vital, both to see the natural life and to view World’s End before fogs close in amid the later piece of the morning.

Greenery – Trees & bushes; up to now 744 types of blooming plants has been distinguished in the region out of which 112 species are common, and 78 species are recognized to be jeopardized. Being a field more than 50 types of grass has been distinguished, major of which are common.

Fauna – 460 types of birds are recorded to be found in Sri Lanka, out of which 33 species are endemic – out of this number more than 100 species are kept to Horton Plains. 12 common types of these birds can be seen in Horton Plains. Warm blooded creatures – more than 10 types of vertebrates could be seen in the range, and separated from these, a few types of reptiles, creatures of land and water and butterflies could be seen in the region.

Lover’s leap

The blending of lager was begun in Nuwara Eliya by Sir Samuel Pastry specialist in 1881 at Lover’s leap. It is an intriguing visit, for the brewery is one of the finest in the island. It’s been doing business since 1884.

Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

Climb this hill climb to witness a marvelous sun climb or only for the surrounding perspectives of Sri Lanka or for delight. It is a trail as well as a journey to a summit sacred to the majority of the world’s significant religions. This is the most prominent hill track in Sri Lanka. It’s around 2200m above from ocean level. The season is in the middle of December and April when the summit is not dim and moderately dry. The build of the move in light of the Hatton side is around 2 hours from Nuwara Eliya.

This manufacturing plant is the main industrial facility in such close vicinity to the town of Nuwara Eliya. A standout amongst the most advanced processing plants, delivering the most noteworthy evaluated tea that is well-liked everywhere throughout the world, production of which could be seen at Pedro Tea manufacturing plant.

Single Tree Hill

Single tree is the best vantage point to watch the magnificence of Nuwara Eliya. It can be easily accessed by utilizing of the street over the tea estate. From this vantage point one could appreciate the surrounding perspective of Lake Gregory, Pidurutalagala, and Haggala Mountain, Mountain range and the whole town of Nuwara Eliya and in addition Northern area of Horton Fields.

Gregory Lake


Lake Gregory is one of the noteworthy vacation destinations in Nuwara Eliya. It was assembled by the Senator William Gregory by using the water from the Nanuoya which runs over the town. It is around 91.2 hectares in degree. It was said to be utilized for water sports and for re-recreational exercises amid the English tenet. A pontoon yard now permits guests to make a go at sculling and paddling.

Galway’s Property Flying Bird Haven

An excellent area range covering a degree of 57.6 hectares of area in Nuwara Eliya had been gazette as a bird haven in the year 1938. This bird haven pulls in around 20 types of exceptionally uncommon birds and around 30 types of Sri Lankan fowls. The majority of the common bird species and transient fledgling species could be seen at this haven. Additional to the birds, this park has significant tree types of both outside and nearby.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

Strolling separation from the town focus spread in excess of 90 sections of land, over a hundred years of age, the 18 openings Golf Course is one of Nuwara Eliya’s greatest attractions. It is presumed to be the main Green where all the openings are noticeable from the Club House or open via auto. In the old English cemetery at the back of the Club House is the memorial to Significant Rogers, the elephant seeker credited with murdering around 1500 elephants.

English Tombs

Tombs of some recognized Englishman who existed in Nuwara Eliya can be seen before the Golf Ground simply few meters far from the current transport stand of the town. A tomb has been raised in memory of a youngster called Ebenisher Golder Manro and was slaughtered by a wild bison on 24.01.1841 at Elephant Plain. He was distinguished as a child of Lt. John Manro who existed in Sri Lanka.

There is an alternate tomb raised in memory of Sir William Rock who served the nation as a Judge. He passed on at 64 years old on 19.05.1838 in Nuwara Eliya. There is additionally a vital tomb raised for an Englishman called Major Thomas Rodger who had a propensity for chasing white elephants. He was said to be murdered by an elephant in the wilderness. Legends say this tomb had been ceaselessly harmed because of highlighting on it which individuals accept has a recondite condemnation. The tomb is presently seen as broken stone pieces.

Oliphant Estate

A visit to this home, spellbind from the street at the Ramboda end of Nuwara Eliya, is noteworthy in light of the fact that it was here that the initial thirty tea plants sent from China to Sri Lanka were planted by Mr. Laurence Oliphant, expanding his tea grounds to 100 sections of land.

Labookelle Tea Centre

This tea centre on Kandy street offers guided tours of the processing plant for nothing out of pocket furthermore runs a deals outlet and a restaurant on location.

The Tea Cup

On the way to Colombo through Hatton, around 10km from Hatton towards Colombo, this place is effortlessly identified by the extensive teacup in the frontage. Kept up by the Watawala Manors Constrained, the Tea Cup offers prepared tea and snacks notwithstanding being a tea deals focus. Toilets here are sublimely clean.

The Tea Factory

An old tea plant transformed into a fine inn is around 30-45minutes away at Kandapola. Overseen by one of the biggest lodging networks it offers great nourishment and superb convenience.

St. Clair’s Tea Centre

This is a restaurant and sales outlet which additionally offers open seating, on the Hatton Street at Talawakale. Just over the St Clairs falls. There is a decent review stage from the area.

Climbing and Tracking

Nuwara Eliya offers great exploit sport areas in view of its scene. Pidurutalagala, the most noteworthy mountain top of Sri Lanka is simply north of the town. Despite the fact that the summit is not open to general society, climbing is conceivable up to 7000ft. There are a few waterfalls along the track.

Piduruthalagala Mountain

This is the most noteworthy point in Sri Lanka, disregarding the town to the north. You can’t stroll to the top any longer however there is a little way off Water field Drive that prompts a waterfall. From that point, the explorers can take after the waterway up by means of seven more waterfalls – a perfect trek for bold society! This adventure goes the extent that the 7000 foot marker.

The Explorer Way- Sri Pada

This is through Ginigathhena and Gampola and you will discover the story of this old way cut on two rocks off the 28th development on the Ambagamuwa – Nawalapitiya Street. The spot is called Akuruketupana and the engraving dates to around 1100ad. Today there are four different streets to the crest, the briefest being by means of Maskeliya and the most famous. Different streets are on the Sabaragamuwa side.

The Nissangala Lena making progress toward Sri Pada

This is accepted the collapse the mountainside, where Ruler Keerthi Sri Nissanka covered an extraordinary fortune, including his formal attire. It is just after one passes this hole and enters the woodland that one goes to the Sita Gangula, a heavenly waterway of super cold water, where pioneers bathe and put on white articles of clothing, before proceeding with their trip to the top.

City Review Point – Shanthipura

This is heavenly indicate view the whole Nuwara Eliya city. Shanthipura is the town which is arranged in most elevated spot of Sri Lanka.

Nuwara Eliya Hotels

Nuwara Eliya has masses of spots to stay, however a significant number of the financial backing and midrange spots can be on the drafty and grim side, so its value being somewhat fussy. There’s a decent scope of frontier style places, however you will pay more for legacy atmosphere. Not at all like different parts of Sri Lanka, there aren’t numerous hiker arranged guesthouses. Two exemptions are the Single Tree Hotel and the brilliant King Fern Bungalow.


Heritance Tea Factory


One of Sri Lanka’s most unique hotels, the Heritance, which is incorporated with and around an exceptionally old tea industrial facility, obscures the line in the middle of gallery and extravagance inn. A significant part of the plant machinery is still in situ and has been fused into the outline of the hotel. Rooms are stately and extravagant, numerous activities and first class service.

There are two separate restaurants serving a percentage of the best suppers in the slopes. One of the restaurants is inside an old steam-train carriage, which still has its whistle and sort of trundles along the line. The family rooms, baby sitting, play area, horse rides make it a decent wager for those going with kids. The Heritance is a 30-moment drive northeast of Nuwara Eliya.

The Grand Hotel

The astonishing Hotel is arranged on Nuwara Eliya Slope, contiguous to the Golf course, Nuwar Eliya. Encompassed by tropical greenery and appreciating cool atmospheres, it emphasizes 2 restaurants, a shopping arcade and an exercise center.

Rooms are furnished with warming. Each one room has satellite television, a small refrigerator, and tea/espresso making amenities. The private washroom offers a hot shower and a hairdryer.

Visitors can unwind in the sauna, or play a round of golf. Different facilities incorporate a 24-hour gathering and a business focus. Laundry service is accessible.

Global dishes are served at Barnes Corridor, while Amazing Indian Restaurant offers specialties from South and North India. The inn additionally has a wine sub terrain room. This hotel is a 6-hour drive from Colombo Air terminal.

Araliya Green Hills Hotel

Araliya hotel is an excellent property encompassed by lavish greenery. The settlement invites visitors with a spa. Free web access is accessible all through the hotel.

Set in the quiet locale of Nuwara Eliya, the building is 7.5 km from Nanuoya Route Station. You can likewise look at Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, only 950 meters away. Mattala Rajapaksa Airplane terminal is 85 km away.

Rooms are tastefully outfitted and fitted with covered carpets. Each one room accompanies a flat screen television, minibar, tea/espresso making facilities and a dressing table. Offering a bathtub and free shower conveniences, lavatory facilities are en suite.

Araliya Spa offers spoiling spa medications or an alleviating conventional massage. Visitors can go mountain cycling, trekking, climbing and steed riding. A 24-hour reception is accessible.

Appreciate neighborhood and universal cooking styles at in-house restaurant. In-room feasting alternatives are conceivable with room service.


Queenswood Cottage

Emphasizing an enclosure, restaurant, and visit area, Queenswood offers natural style rooms in Nuwara Eliya with free Wi-Fi. Hakgala Garden is 4 km and Gregory Lake is 1.5 km away.

The rooms incorporate a satellite television, seating zone, and electric pot. Free toiletries accompany the private lavatory. Encompassed by uncovered wood pillars, the rooms are just outfitted and offer garden or lake sees.

The restaurant serves universal and neighborhood nourishment on appeal. Visitors can likewise appreciate BBQ facilities, open air eating, and close vicinity to Nuwara Eliya.

Victoria Park is 2 minutes’ drive from Queenswood Cabin, while Colombo is 150 km away.

Tea Bush Hotel

This Hotel is placed on the Single Tree Slope, a 10-moment stroll from Lake Gregory. It offers a restaurant, free parking on location and free broadband web get to open areas.

Visitor rooms are fitted with high quality TV and an en suite restroom with toiletries and hot/frosty showers.

The hotel can help visitors with organizing trips to the Tea Production line and the Tea Estate. Ironing and laundry services are advertised. The on location restaurant serves worldwide dishes.

This Hotel is 8 km from the Nanu Oya Line Station. Bandaranaike Airplane terminal is a 6-hour head out.

Jetwing St.Andrew’s

Set 6182 feet above ocean level, Jetwing St. Andrew’s offers visitors an extravagant 5-star involvement in Sri Lanka’s slope nation of Nuwara Eliya. This beguiling Tudor-style home gives free Wi-Fi, free parking and horse riding.

Fitted with fine wood decorations, extensive aerated and cooled rooms have snuggled up chimneys and warming facilities. They are outfitted with a sheltered, private bar and tea/espresso making enhancements. Private bathrooms accompany a bathtub and shower robes.

Appreciating cool atmospheres and green slants, Jetwing St. Andrew’s is 5 km from the downtown area and 12 km from Hakgala Nature Hold. It is 170 km, or 5-hour picturesque drive, from Bandaranaike Air terminal.

Visitors can take a comfortable walk or have high tea in St. Andrew’s Jet wing’s gardens. Leisure treks to the Cloud Timberland and Hakgala Garden can be organized at the visit lounge.

Perspectives of the kitchen go hand in hand with fine eating and a broad wine list at Old Course restaurant. The frontier style Street Opening Bar offers garden sees with light refreshments.


Single Tree Hotel

Spotted in a quiet zone of Nuwara Eliya, Single Tree Hotel neglects the lake and features a restaurant. It sorts out eco-undertakings like safaris, trekking and climbing visits on solicitation.

The open rooms are straightforward and fitted with extensive windows. They are outfitted with a minibar, a television and a fan and accompany an en suite lavatory.

Hotel Single Tree is arranged around 200 km from Sri Lanka’s Air terminal and 180 km from Colombo. Nuwara Eliya Downtown area is only 0.7 km away.

The hotel features an outdoors restaurant which serves universal dishes. Room administration is accessible.

Hotel Sunhill

Offering a restaurant and a 24-hour front work area, Sunhill Hotel is settled in Nuwara Eliya. It features generally delegated rooms with aerating and cooling. Wifi access is free and accessible at all open ranges.

Housed in a present day white building, Hotel Sunhill is 900 meters far from Nuwara Eliya Golf Club and Illustrious Colombo Golf Club. Mattala Rajapaksa Airplane terminal is 84 km away.

Rooms are fitted with covered carpets. A flat screen high quality television, wardrobe and ironing facilities are incorporated. Offering shower facilities and a can, bathrooms are en suite.

The cordial staff will be satisfied to aid with reception services and ironing/clothing administrations. Visitors can likewise use the barbeque facility and gathering spaces. Steed riding, hitting the golf course and cycling exercises can be arranged upon solicitation.

Serene Villa

Encompassed by rich tropical greenery and new mountain air, Serene Villa is settled in the heart of Nuwara Eliya. Housed in the pioneer style building, it furnishes visitors with enchanting guestrooms and Complimentary wireless internet access.

The exquisite rooms will furnish you with a chimney, a DVD player and espresso/tea making facilities. They additionally have an en suite restroom furnished with a hairdryer and bidet. Surrounding mountain perspectives can be appreciated from all the rooms.

Visitors dwelling at this hotel can make utilization of the free bicycle rentals, grill facilities and dry-cleaning administrations. Cordial staff at the estate can arrange cycling and playing golf exercises. Crisp basic needs can be obtained and conveyed to the room upon solicitation.

This Ville is spotted 87 km far from Mattala Rajapaksa Air terminal. For visitors’ comfort, airplane terminal exchanges and shuttle administrations can be had at an extra expense.


The Old Course Restaurant

This restaurant, inside the St Andrew’s Hotel, channels the culinary legacy of the English Realm with the Asian kinds of today, and the result is completely advanced combination nourishment. The setting and administration are wonderful and they have the biggest wine basement in Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that it’s a formal restaurant there are none of the absurd clothing standards of a portion of the town’s different restaurants and the nourishment is of a truly elevated expectation.

Grand Indian

By a long shot the town’s most loved restaurant, to such an extent that in the night times you regularly need to hold up for a table. The food here is the rich, heavenly toll of northern India. The administration is quick and effective, and there’s an overwhelming buzz about the spot.

Hill Club

Supper at the Hill Club is an occasion in itself. The five-course set menu concentrates on conventional English hoteliers, for example, dish hamburger with all the trimmings. The entire thing is stolen away with blurred pioneer panache. Men must wear a tie and coat – there’s a little choice available. Ladies should likewise dress in a formal way.

The nourishment doesn’t satisfy everybody’s desires, particularly with such a generally high sticker, however it’s still an extraordinary experience. Gone along an hour or thereabouts before supper for a beverage in the Slope Club’s bars? It was just a couple of years prior that the ‘Cool Bar’ was unfalteringly implemented as ‘men just’. Presently all sex varieties are welcome, given you are keenly dressed, yet have heard reports that Sri Lankans of a certain “class” are not generally permitted.


Nuwara Eliya is arranged at a rise of 6182 feet above ocean level it is skilled with icy and charming climatic condition as the year progressed.

High precipitation over 1900 mm is encountering in the town amid the time of South – West Storm (June to October) while normal temperature is short of what 15c. The day by day mean temperature is 10c however it raises all the more amid the months of January to March.


From Colombo, there are two primary courses to get to Nuwara Eliya – through Kandy or by means of Hatton. Both streets are restricted, rough and breezy however both have unbelievable perspectives.

In case you’re traveling via auto or van, The Hatton street is best. The street itself is a bit better, it’s less occupied and the ascension is not exactly as steep. In addition, you get to see the tremendous perspective from the St.clair’s Tea Focus in Talawakale.

The Kandy Street is flawless as well – the switch-backs at Ramboda are a remarkable experience. There are an alternate two primary ways joins alternate parts of the island with Nuwara Eliya.


Most transports from Colombo go by means of Kandy. For a trek that long, pass by between city transport and the huge yellow or red transports which take you at the Transport Stand, Nuwara Eliya. There are no transports actuated from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya by means of Hatton. Yet it is workable for travelers to get the Hatton Intercity transport from Colombo which arrives at Hatton and after that get the Nuwara Eliya Intercity transport from the Hatton transport stand.


The train from Colombo experiences Kandy also in any case takes longer than the transport. On the off chance that you get auto debilitated however, it is ideal of train since it doesn’t need to do all the slowing down the rough streets. The train does not go the distance to Nuwara Eliya. You will need to get off at Nanu Oya station and get a taxi or transport.

Getting around the Town

Nuwara Eliya is a residential area and everything is inside strolling separation. In any case, tuk-tuks are accessible close to the mail station and provision stores in Nuwara Eliya.

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